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Introducing the African Youth Aid Foundation (“AYAF”)

OrphansDear Friends,

It is my great pleasure to introduce the African Youth Aid Foundation (“AYAF”), a non-profit organization my family and I recently founded in order to assist some of Africa’s most vulnerable children.  Please visit our website,, to learn more about the organization and our projects.

By now you’ve all heard the familiar story of Africa’s poor: over 28 million people living with HIV; large areas where, with no educational opportunities or work, people are forced to reside in “townships” made up of wood and tin shacks with no plumbing or electricity; children who, with no access to medical care or even basic education, are forced to fend for themselves.  These problems can seem insurmountable, and we often find ourselves asking what impact we could possibly have in the face of such odds.

But you can help.  Every day, grassroots organizations are mobilizing to provide testing for HIV/AIDS, to build houses for the poor and schools for children who could not otherwise get an education, to supply basic necessities such as food and clean drinking water to those living in the townships.

That’s where AYAF comes in.  Learn more after the jump.


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