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International Criminal Court Issues First Sentence

The International Criminal Court issued its first sentence today, in a case involving the use of child soldiers in the Congo. While the sentence was shorter than it could have been, it’s nice to see the Court recognize the heinous nature of forcing children to fight.
NYTimes — International Criminal Court [...]

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You Did It!!!

Dear Friends,
The African Youth Aid Foundation (“AYAF”) officially launched one year ago today. At the time, we asked for your help to build a multi-purpose building in Phumlani Township, South Africa that would serve as a school and distribution center for donated food, clothing, and medicine. Today, I am thrilled to announce that, with your [...]

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Helping Those that Help Themselves

The children of South Africa — including those from Phumlani Township — are making extraordinary efforts to take responsibility for their educations.  Please help us send them aid by visiting our website,, to make a donation and by encouraging your friends to become fans of AYAF on Facebook!
[New York Times, "South African Children Push [...]

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