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You Did It!!!

Dear Friends,
The African Youth Aid Foundation (“AYAF”) officially launched one year ago today. At the time, we asked for your help to build a multi-purpose building in Phumlani Township, South Africa that would serve as a school and distribution center for donated food, clothing, and medicine. Today, I am thrilled to announce that, with your [...]

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Another AYAF Profile

The media blitz continues: check out yesterday’s profile of AYAF in Windsor Now by clicking the link below.
Also, please visit our website at and donate.  We are on our way to helping the children of Phumlani, and each contribution of even a few dollars brings us closer to our goal!
[Windsor Now, "Building a Community"]
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AYAF Hits Iowa

Check out yesterday’s profile of AYAF from the Missouri Valley Times, the local paper in Missouri Valley, Iowa.  (Bonus points to anyone who finds the typo.)
[Missouri Valley Times, "Former Missouri Valley Resident Launches Non-Profit to Aid African Children]
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