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Happy New Year From AYAF!

We are tremendously grateful for all of your help over the past year, and we hope that you and the people you love have a blessed and fruitful 2013.

Over the coming weeks, we will be posting a series of photos showing our work in Phumlani Township, South Africa — work that you made possible. Here is a preview, which shows a recent graduation ceremony at the kindergarten AYAF helped build.

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Funds Sent to Partner Organization

Two days ago, AYAF sent a payment of $1,500 to our partners in South Africa. The money will be used to throw a small Christmas party for the residents of Phumlani Township, and to provide food and clothing over the next few months for a series of orphan homes our partners operate in Cape Town. Thank you to all of our donors that made this possible!

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Happy Thanksgiving From AYAF!

Happy Thanksgiving! We here at AYAF are thankful for all of you, and for your ongoing support as we do our best to help Africa’s most vulnerable children.

We are also thankful this year for the progress made the fight against HIV/AIDS. According to a report published on Tuesday by UNAIDS, new infections have dropped by half in many of the nations most affected by the pandemic.

NYTimes — New HIV Cases Falling In Some Poor Nations, But Treatment Still Lags

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South African Police Fire on Striking Miners

Earlier today, South African police fired on miners who are striking for increased pay, killing 18 people. This tragic situation — in which both sides have used violence and no one is blameless — highlights the crushing poverty that remains common in South Africa, and the desperation such poverty breeds.

NYTimes — South African Police Fire on Striking Miners

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Swaziland Grandmas Grow Marijuana

Interesting story showing the devastating impact HIV/AIDS has on African families and the lengths those families must go to in order to survive.

NYTimes — Grandmas Grow Gold in Swaziland

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International Criminal Court Issues First Sentence

The International Criminal Court issued its first sentence today, in a case involving the use of child soldiers in the Congo. While the sentence was shorter than it could have been, it’s nice to see the Court recognize the heinous nature of forcing children to fight.

NYTimes — International Criminal Court Issues First Sentence

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World Aids Day 2011

Today is World AIDS Day.  In the 30 years since scientists first identified the virus in 1981, HIV/AIDS has claimed the lives of over 25 million people.  But thanks to the extraordinary efforts of political leaders, intenrational activists, and — most of all — generous supporters like you, the struggle against HIV/AIDS has reached a turning point.  For the first time, the number of individuals infected each year is decreasing, and we know we can beat this terrible disease.

A Decade of Progress on AIDS —

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More good news in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  Recent studies show that the same drugs used to treat those that already have the disease also stop people from being infected. 

Pills Prevent HIV Infection in 2 New Studies —

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An Anniversary – and a Turning Point

This month marks the 30-year anniversary of the discovery of HIV/AIDS.  It also marks a turning point in the struggle against the disease.  Thanks to lifesaving antiretroviral drugs — and activists like you — the number of new infections and deaths due to HIV/AIDS is decreasing for the first time in 30 years.

The end of AIDS? —

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Promising news in the fight against HIV/AIDS — a disease that continues to kill millions of Africans each year.  With the help of people like you, AYAF and other organizations are working to ensure that Africans have access to lifesaving antiretroviral drugs.

Early Therapy for H.I.V. Found to Sharply Cut Spread —

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